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children are the future

RISE (Refugio Infantantil Santa Esperanza) focuses on positive human development and children receive specialized care and assistance as needed. At RISE we strive to provide an atmosphere where children are safe simply to be children.

Donations may be dropped off between
11am - 2pm, Monday - Sunday

Visits Need To Be Scheduled
Please Write To Arrange

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have a library, computer lab, and plenty of toys for hours of physical activity. RISE is focused on formal and spiritual education as a solid foundation for successful livelihoods concentrated around each individual child. 

Meet The Leaders

RISE is led by our President, Padre Luis Alcaraz and Director Professor Jorge Humberto Ayala Hernandez. They are supported by a team of 27 employees and 7 committees. They keep safety, development and health as their top priorities.

play area


RISE was founded in 2001 by Padre Luis and Madre Mari. They saw a need to provide a safe and loving home to children living on the street or in unsafe environments.
Since then, RISE has been home to hundreds of children. Some live there for months and others for years. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on children and families who have experienced unfortunate circumstances.

M. Mari 1945-2020
M. Mari 1945-2020