Frequently Asked Questions

How do we go about donating to RISE?

Click here. You can donate in US Dollars or Pesos. If you have questions, you may contact Lisa@risepv.com RISE is a 501(c)(3) in the US and all donations are tax deductible.

What volunteer opportunities are available at RISE?

Volunteers are needed for the following at RISE:
maintenance and repair, sorting and organizing, marketing/social media and fundraising, cleaning; kitchen prep work, IT support. If you have interest in these opportunities or have a special talent to share, please complete the volunteer application here.

How many children live at RISE?

We currently provide a home to approximately 30 children but have the capacity for up to 50.

How are the children placed at RISE?

RISE is a shelter for children who have been living on the streets or in an unsafe environment. Most of our children come from DIF (Desarrollo Integral de La Familia), which is similar to Social Services in other countries.

What are the ages of the children who live there?

Children’s ages range from birth to 13

Where do the children go when they leave RISE?

We work closely with DIF while the children are at RISE to reunite the children with a family member – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. If by the time they reach 13 and have not been reunited with their family, we find an adolescent home more suited for their next stage in life.

What do the children do for extracurricular activities?

In addition to their daily Physical Education classes, the children play soccer and board games, have music class (singing and instruments), make art and crafts, put puzzles together, play with dolls, cars, and toys, read and listen to music. Additionally, the nursery children are taught English and the older children attend weekly catechism.

How is RISE funded?

RISE is a privately funded organization with support from DIF for emergency medical care and miscellaneous incidentals. Most of our donations come from US and Canada but we are working more diligently to garner local support.

How is the money managed and spent at RISE?

RISE has a treasurer and assistant treasurer, supported by an accountant. Every penny is accounted for and we report all spending and income to the Mexican government. The money is spent on the following:

  • Salary for 27 employees ~ $160,000 pesos/month ($8,421USD)
  • Education ~ $21,000 pesos/month ($1,105USD)
  • Utilities ~ $22,500 pesos/month ($1,184USD)
  • Gas for Vehicles~ $3,000/month ($158USD)
  • Maintenance and Supplies (Materials for maint., food, milk, etc) – $10,000 pesos/month ($526 USD)
  • Note – on occasion we encounter larger expenses for repair, and we require additional funding beyond the monthly expenses, RISE was built in 2001 and requires a significant amount of maintenance. Most of this work is performed by volunteers.

    What is the structure of the organization?

    RISE has a Director who leads the organization daily. Additionally, we have a full Board of Directors that meets at least quarterly, and 7 committees that work internally.

    What roles make up the staff?

    1 Director
    1 Communications Liaison/Coordinator
    1 Doctor
    1 Psychologist (plus 2 interns)
    4 Educators (Homework, English, Monitoring remote schooling)
    2 Physical Education Teachers
    7 Nannies older children (morning, afternoon & overnight)
    4 Nursery nannies (daytime and overnight)
    2 Cooks (weekday and weekends)
    2 Housekeepers
    1 Driver
    1 Laundry
    1 Accountant

    Note – some staff are part-time, and some perform more than one role.