Copy of Sponsor A Child

Welcome to the Sponsor a R.I.S.E.Child (SpARC) program– we are extremely excited to introduce this new fund-raising opportunity at R.I.S.E. The children are excited too. You will be changing the life of a child that has had unfortunate life circumstances.

To introduce themselves, they drew pictures and wrote a little story about who they are and what they desire for their future. They are loving and caring just like all children and have dreams that you can help them achieve.

For only $36USD ($700 Pesos) per month you will be providing food and clothing for a child. This is just a little more than $1.00US ($20Pesos) a day) – which is far less than a cup of coffee!

In addition to helping financially, you can develop a relationship with your child by sending an email a few times a year and receive 2-4 communications a year back to you. Sign up now and we will provide you the specifics.

Thank you!

All of our children have sponsors! As more children join the RISE Family, we will add them here. Please watch this space!
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