Round 1 Winner 

Jovana Reyes is a 26-year-old singer who was inspired by her mother when she was little. Her mother used to sing “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. Jovana participated in choir in school but always knew she was destined for more.  Her influences are Adele, Bruno Mars, Selena and Ben E King.

Round 2 Winner

Ultimate Dance Group is new to the Puerto Vallarta scene. They are a small group who individually had exceptional dance experience but decided to create and collaborate on something they all love……DANCE!! Their “SO You Think You Can RISE” audition in November was their first performance together.  They impressed the judges and they have been practicing every day since. Their goal is to teach others, progress and make their mark on the Puerto Vallarta talent map. 


Round 1 – 

Alkoliti Flow – Hip Hop Dancers

Nathalia Isabella Acosta – 11 year old Traditional Spanish Singer

Dennis Saffer – 25 year experienced Opera and Broadway Singer

Efrain and Diana – Entertaining Spanish Singing Duet

Jovanna Reyes – Talented Pop Solo Singer

Manuel Mulia – Mentalist/Magician

Round 2 – 

Amanda Michelle Tenney – Solo contemporary and pop singer

Ultimate Dance Co – Hip Hop Dance Group

Haven – 11 year old  Pop Singer

Eyes on Earth – Soulful music group

Eliza Berry – Singer/Pianist performing original music

Frann Stevenson – Singer/Guitarist

Round 3 – 

TWM – Kpop Dance Group

Omar (Carlos Omar Garcia Limon) – Guitarist/Spanish Singer

Morena la Piel – New Generation Mariachi band

Mezzie Baxter – Broadway Solo Singer

Brady Quarterman – Comedian/Guitarist and Singer

Tay – Contemporary/Pop Soloist

Round 4 – 

Mauricio Andrade – Magician

Lilieth Grace – 11 year old, solo pop singer

Kathleen Atkins – comedic performer

Michelle Oaks/Miguelina –  solo singer with broad range of songs

Moises Chama – solo singer, spanish pop songs

Enel Ram – solo singer, unique vocalist

Round 5 – 

Fusion 91 – Interpretive Dance Group

Cecilia Sofia Peregrin  – Interpretive soloist dancer 

Dolce Stretto (Jag y Selene) – Spanish singing and violinist duet

El Oriental (Mario Aníbal Medina Rodríguez) – Argentinian Singer

Steve Yates – Solo Broadway Singer

Marco Herzumaya- Singer of pop music in English and Spanish 

Wilberth – guitarist and contemporary singer

Round 6 – 

Enoch – Spanish solo singer with Piano accompaniment

Jennifer Aguirre – Hip Hop dancer

Doug Austin – Solo Singer and guitarist

Shige Harue Sokey Ayala – solo pop singer 

Kym Jessing – Singer, songwriter and pianist

Surprise contestants to be announced

Boy Band - RISE

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